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Yahoo! Messenger is a free messaging service that allows you to communicate instantly with friends, family, colleagues, and others. Find out when your friends are online and send them instant messages. Messenger alerts you instantly when you have new mail in your Yahoo! Mail. Yahoo! Messenger imports your contact lists across operating systems, allows you transfer files, see typing notifications, and much more.


Recent releases

  •  17 Sep 2003 09:55

    Release Notes: The last release of Yahoo! Messenger based on the GTK1.2 codebase, this is mainly a bugfix release with a lot of stability, rendering, and speed fixes. It adds some enhancements and features such as an Addressbook tab, tab-aware URLs, active identities, and many archiving enhancements. More details and information are available via the publicly-accessible Yahoo! group, which provides a mechanism to interact with the Unix client developers.

    •  25 Jun 2002 07:58

      Release Notes: The HTML rendering engine was updated from GTKHtml 0.8.0 to GTKHtml 1.0.2, which resolved many font issues and severe memory leaks. Assorted bugfixes and changes were made to increase stability, and some features were added to the GUI, along with other assorted changes to the client. Issues with the Solaris client are fixed, and Mandrake is now officially supported.

      •  14 May 2002 18:54

        Release Notes: This release has a fast, safe login, GUI changes, contact info, content, typing notifications, and performance improvements . It supports Solaris, FreeBSD, and Linux with one release.

        •  12 Aug 2000 04:37

          Release Notes: Initial public release.

          Recent comments

          20 Feb 2007 18:38 bobshaffer

          Not updated since 2003

          This project hasn't been updated since 2003, it's built against old libraries, and even in 2003 it only had the bare minimum of features. It seems fairly clear that development for this project has ceased, and if you want to use Yahoo for IM your best bet is to go with Kopete or GAIM. Kopete is supposed to have audio/video chatting, but I can't seem to get it working, and GAIM works nicely and supports no audio or video chatting. Either of them work far better than the ancient linux version of Yahoo Messenger for connecting to Yahoo. It's too bad that the people at Yahoo have given up on us, but it seems like we must just accept it and move on.

          06 Nov 2005 11:50 murpz

          Re: Webcam and voice support on unix please!

          > to heck with webcam and voice.

          I'd really like the webcam feature, personally.

          > I'm sitting here on Slackware and other

          > than making a giant mess by trying to

          > force an RPM to install there are no

          > options.

          Well if you can't use a modern Linux setup, which almost all support RPMs either directly or through something like alien, then... just unpack the RPM. All an RPM is is a cpio archive with some embedded scripts. You can unpack it and manually install it the same as any zip or tar file.

          19 Aug 2005 20:23 xor007

          Re: Webcam and voice support on unix please!
          Why can't Yahoo just use iLBC for voice like Skype?

          > I am using linux as my operating system

          > of choice. and therefor feel left out as

          > the lack of features compared to the

          > windows version. I would love to see

          > webcam support at least.

          > For tips have a look at

          >, which has a

          > webcam support for linux.

          > It would be nice to have it in the

          > official client, please!!!


          12 Aug 2005 13:57 davija

          Re: Webcam and voice support on unix please!

          > to heck with webcam and voice.


          > how about dropping the Rpm's and using

          > something like the loki installer or the

          > installer from mozilla or open office so

          > that it will work on ANY linux.


          > I'm sitting here on Slackware and other

          > than making a giant mess by trying to

          > force an RPM to install there are no

          > options.


          > Come on Yahoo developers. either also

          > release a tar.gz for me to manually

          > install on the other 99 linux distros

          > like you guys USED to do or adopt one of

          > the nice installers and make everyone's

          > life easier..


          > Oh, compile it statically like mozilla

          > and Open Office and you will not have to

          > worry about deps.



          I'm running slackware 10.1.

          to install just type rpm -ivh --nodeps rh9.ymessenger-1.0.4-1.i386.rpm

          worked for me.. key was --nodeps.

          I do agree, redhat & debian are not the only linux distros, and a standard installer (even just a shell script) should have been considered.

          04 Aug 2005 20:40 Syiru

          Re: Webcam support?!?


          > % Its always the case with unixes. We

          > are

          > % the LAST to be supported by comercial

          > % software. Even Mac has webcam support

          > % now. I can understand there being a

          > % problem implementing webcam support

          > for

          > % someone on a linux system who wants

          > to

          > % broadcast their webcam. This is a

          > % resonable delay due to the completely

          > % different way that webcams are dealt

          > % with in linux. However, it is not

          > % understandable why you haven't built

          > the

          > % ability for linux clients to view

          > others

          > % webcams. This is something that

          > should

          > % already be implemented. You all need

          > to

          > % get on the ball. We, the linux

          > % community, want webcam support. WE

          > are

          > % TIRED of always being the last ones

          > to

          > % recieve support and features!

          > %



          > i agree 100%. i want to use my webcam

          > in yahoo messenger. i'm sick of having

          > to switch between linux & windows to use

          > the camera. it makes no sense why we

          > should be the last with support for

          > EVERYTHING!!!

          yeah, i totally agree....REFORMATION....


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