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Yeemp Encrypted Messaging Program

Yeemp is a decentralized instant messaging system. It uses GPG over SSL for encryption, and UTF-8 to enable non-Latin text to be transferred. The X client can request and receive webcam feeds. The clients include support for Japanese, Cyrillic, and Ogham input, as well as direct UTF-8. Yeemp includes a command-line client, an X client, a server, and a simple Web-based client. The clients can also use the AIM and ICQ protocols.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Feb 2005 09:17

    Release Notes: A bug that would crash the X client when it attempted to word-wrap messages containing especially long lines was fixed. The console contact editor now behaves better. Some cosmetic bugs were fixed in the contact status display. A contact's status is now marked as unknown if the plugin for their protocol is disabled. Some other minor bugs were fixed.

    •  06 Jan 2005 02:59

      Release Notes: The X interface has been rearranged; it's now fully keyboard controllable, and messages to/from each contact are displayed in a per-contact window. New account creation now works properly again. A couple of client crash bugs have been fixed, and compatibility with various GPG versions has been improved. kill -USR2 will turn on debugging messages in the clients. Various minor bugs have been fixed, and there are various minor UI improvements.

      •  08 Oct 2004 09:55

        Release Notes: This release fixes a security hole wherein Yeemp would display files sent unencrypted as if they had been sent encrypted; this hole would permit attackers to clobber the media files for contacts on your list, and would make it possible for a person not on your contact list to attempt to exploit unpatched or as-yet-undiscovered security holes in netpbm and ogg123. Yeemp will now warn of unencrypted or unvalidated files, and can now also use Subterfugue sandboxes around netpbm and ogg123 invocations.

        •  21 Sep 2004 09:17

          Release Notes: This release fixes the bug that caused key exchange to fail if using GPG 1.2.4.

          •  20 Sep 2004 03:01

            Release Notes: The client now deletes inbound keys from the server only after the user has decided whether or not to accept them. Unhandleable public keys can no longer be imported. Manual rekeying now actually generates new keys, not just new key requests. The AIM plugin now strips HTML case-insensitively, and removes I tags. Various places where the client settings would get clobbered if the disk filled up while writing them have been fixed.


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