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05 Jun 2002 19:13 builderz

Just well done, great job.

Good idea... nice application, thank you !

30 Apr 2002 12:50 tsarkon

Not finished
I LOVE this program! I am very greatful for it. I can now access every port even though I am behind a stupid firewall-solution I can't control.
But, there is a little annoying part: I wanted remote-tunnel-host as a parameter, instead of having to change it every time I wanted to change the host. So, I hacked the C-code and fixed it. Since it is GPL, I would be glad to share it with you.
To the author of the code:

If you want my change of the code, then just tell me so. I would be glad to give it out public if there's any interest in it!

20 Jan 2002 10:45 jeffcovey

Re: Comment

> I think so. ;)

Great. Maybe someday you'll tell us what you think is so.

20 Jan 2002 04:53 kybu

I think so. ;)

30 Oct 2001 03:29 patrikr

Great software
A simple and compact program which does one thing and does it well. Exactly what I needed.


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