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yaSSL is a C++ based SSL library for embedded and RTOS environments, designed for individuals who prefer to use the C++ language. For a C-based solution, please see CyaSSL. yaSSL supports the industry standards up to TLS 1.2, and also includes an OpenSSL compatibility interface.

Operating Systems

Last announcement

Current renegotiation vulnerabilities do not exist in yaSSL 12 Nov 2009 20:07

Hi! We’ve been getting a number of questions about the high profile vulnerabilities in OpenSSL, GnuTLS, NSS and mod_ssl. This vulnerability is based on a potentially insecure SSL early feature that yaSSL chose to never support in the first place. As such, yaSSL was never insecure. More details on the issue can be found below: From CVE: “The TLS protocol, and the SSL protocol 3.0 and possibly earlier, as used in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0, mod_ssl in the Apache HTTP Server 2.2.14 and earlier, OpenSSL before 0.9.8l, GnuTLS 2.8.5 and earlier, Mozilla Network Security Services (NSS) 3.12.4 and earlier, and other products, does not properly associate renegotiation handshakes with an existing connection, which allows man-in-the-middle attackers to insert data into HTTPS sessions, and possibly other types of sessions protected by TLS or SSL, by sending an unauthenticated request that is processed retroactively by a server in a post-renegotiation context, related to a "plaintext injection" attack, aka the "Project Mogul" issue.”

Recent releases

  •  21 Nov 2013 17:11

    Release Notes: This release updates the test certificates, as they were expired.

    •  12 Nov 2009 20:03

      Release Notes: This release contains bugfixes and adds the new stream ciphers Rabbit and HC-128.

      •  17 Nov 2008 08:16

        Release Notes: This release contains bugfixes, adds autconf shared library support, and has better server suite detection based on certficate and private key.

        •  29 Sep 2008 06:41

          Release Notes: This release of yaSSL contains bugfixes and improved certificate verify callback support.

          •  13 May 2008 10:21

            Release Notes: This release contains bugfixes and improved socket handling.


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