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Yet Another SQL*Plus Replacement

YASQL is an open source Oracle command line interface. It features a much kinder user interface than SQL*Plus (sqlplus). This is meant to be a complete replacement for SQL*Plus when dealing with ad hoc queries and general database interfacing. It adds features such as full ReadLine support for command history and tab completion, alternate output methods, table, list, CSV, redirection and piping of query results, query editing, scripting, and easy administrative data dictionary commands.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 May 2005 11:00

    Release Notes: This release adds a new mode, new commands, command completion, additional redirectors, and various fixes.

    •  21 Feb 2005 18:39

      Release Notes: New features include batch mode, connection as sysdba, and some minor convenience changes.

      •  06 Mar 2002 23:28

        Release Notes: A new DESC method that is as fast as SQL*PLus, support for PL/SQL and external authentication, and many other enhancements and bugfixes.

        •  01 Aug 2001 21:24

          Release Notes: Compatibility issues with the data dictionary in Oracle 7 have been fixed. Compound indexes are now ordered. Objects from other schemas no longer conflict . declare and end in will only match if on a blank line. '/' terminator will only match if at the end of a line. Edit temp file now appends '.sql' to the end for syntax highlighting. The SQLPATH environment variable is now used when searching for scripts. Terminal setup is now after script parsing, so that it will work when run under cron.

          •  05 Jul 2001 21:57

            Release Notes: A fix for a bug where parentheses were matching improperly.


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