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YASE is a text indexing and retrieval system. It allows you to index your document collection very easily. All words are indexed and can be optionally stemmed. The query tool supports searching all/any terms and can rank query results by relevance using the cosine measure.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Nov 2002 03:38

    Release Notes: A port to Win32 (requires MS Visual C++ 6.0 or higher to build).

    •  24 Mar 2002 03:43

      Release Notes: Use of a template file to generate HTML output, an improved navigation menu on the query results page, and a few bugfixes (like processing filenames containing spaces). YASE has been tested with catdoc and pdftotext utilities for this release.

      •  17 Nov 2001 20:17

        Release Notes: Fixes for a portability problem and incorrect use of va_start() macro (which causes compilation to fail on certain platforms).

        •  30 Aug 2001 16:20

          Release Notes: All global identifiers were renamed to avoid conflicts with system-defined identifiers. In the previous release, a few source files contained carriage returns, resulting in compiler errors on some platforms. These files have been fixed.

          •  25 Apr 2001 07:13

            Release Notes: Support added for Boolean queries. Documentation updated.


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            Project Spotlight

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