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Pak transfers multiple, possibly very big, regular files between possibly different hosts you have shell access to. It transmits segment IDs instead of file names and uses on-the-fly Blowfish-CBC encryption while being absolutely restartable with practically no loss of data already transmitted. Encrypted pak streams can be stored in intermediary regular files on untrusted hosts. Several stored pak streams, even truncated ones, can be merged for re-piping without decryption. Integrity is never checked. File offsets of any magnitude are supported via recompilation (the default width is 64 bits). Either UNIX 95 or UNIX 98 conformance is required and sufficient.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Dec 2007 14:19

    Release Notes: The programs "pak" and "pakmerge" were modified to flush stdout before printing "segment done" messages to stderr. ("Paksplit" and "upak" already did this for output files.) This way, whenever the user sees a "segment done" message, she can be sure that even the last chunk of the segment was passed to the kernel via write().

    •  08 Feb 2006 07:28

      Release Notes: The version numbering has been sanitized. The package now compiles on Cygwin (1.5.19-4). The source has been cleaned up a tiny bit with respect to reserved identifiers.

      •  21 Sep 2005 12:11

        Release Notes: Whenever paksplit closes a stream file, it creates a log entry which contains the name of the stream file just closed. The file name consists of two parts: a prefix and a stream ID. Until now, only the stream ID was logged, even when a prefix was specified on the command line. Now both the prefix and the stream ID are logged, thus one can see the actual file name in the log, not just its ID.

        •  09 Aug 2005 07:07

          Release Notes: The explanation of unique segment IDs has been corrected in the README file.

          •  04 Aug 2005 00:29

            Release Notes: This release fixes a typo in a comment and polishes the build system to be a little bit more portable and useful.


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