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Yet Another Dynamic Engine

Yet Another Dynamic Engine (YADE) is an extensible framework that is designed with dynamic libraries in a way that it is easy to add new numerical models and objects. There are four different models: Discrete Element Method based on spheres, a second method based on tetrahedra, modelling with lattice elements, and Finite Element Method.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Nov 2008 06:32

    Release Notes: Several Python interface improvements, a code for plotting histogram of interaction directions, and a new contact algorithm for facets were added. A Python script for making videos and a TCP server on port 9000 with a Python console in it were made. There is a new dependency on the python-numpy package, which allows faster math in Python. A script for parametric studies was written.

    •  21 Aug 2008 14:03

      Release Notes: This release has major improvements. The Qt3 interface was refactored and a Python scripting console was added. It is now possible to control most of the simulation from within a Python script. Clipping planes were added to the graphical view and plotting of resultant curves is possible. A new moment rotation law for DEM spheres was added and fully tested. The DEM triaxial test was improved in many aspects. Finally, an STL entity importer was added, making it possible to import shapes from sources such as blender 3D modeling software.

      •  04 Jul 2007 21:33

        Release Notes: A followup release with some bugfixes in TriaxialTest, and with compilation warnings on AMD-64 removed. The file yade.spec has been added for compilation on Fedora.

        •  26 Jun 2007 21:53

          Release Notes: This release has major improvements in the code, and directory cleanup was done. The build system was changed from qmake to scons. A complete Lattice Geometrical Model was added as a result of PhD defense by one of yade's authors. Several improvements in Discrete Element Method, capillary law, and triaxial test. Among smaller improvements, it is possible to select bodies by clicking them and moving around with the mouse. Interaction forces are drawn between bodies, and can be seen as bars with strength related to bar thinckness.

          •  15 Jul 2006 19:16

            Release Notes: This release focuses on bugfixes and documentation. This release is meant to be a stable version for regular users to use while significant changes are made in the next version. Documentation was added, and general site updates were done. The most important improvements are graphics display, loading and saving in binary format, no CPU consumption when idle, and Lattice Beam Discrete Model.


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