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Virtual AGC is a simulation of the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) used in the Apollo Command Modules and Lunar Modules in 1968-1972, as well as the Abort Guidance System (AGS) used in the LM. The project includes an emulated CPU, an emulated display/keyboard (DSKY), the AGC's original executable binaries and machine-readable assembly-language source code (Luminary and Colossus), AGC source code for a CPU validation suite, an AGC assembler, scanned Apollo documentation, and other elements. The emulated CPU has been designed to be modular and portable, to facilitate incorporation into spacecraft simulations such as lunar-lander simulations.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Feb 2010 13:27

    Release Notes: Bugs have been fixed in the Artemis 72 (Apollo 15-17 Command Module) executable binary. Source-code files for Artemis 72 and Solarium 55 (Apollo 4) have been added, previously available only as scanned page images. Scanned page images for Colossus 237 (Apollo 8) have been added, and the preexisting Colossus 249 code has been reclassified as Apollo 9. Numerous new documents are available in the document library, which is now equipped with a search-bar. Other bugs have been fixed and minor features have been added.

    •  20 Jul 2009 12:53

      Release Notes: Apollo 11 full support and Apollo 4 & 15-17 CM source code were added. Screen size of the main GUI was reduced. Joystick configuration and handling was improved. Installation instructions for Windows Vista/7 were fixed. Build procedures were created for Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and OpenSolaris (partial). HTML syntax highlighting, cross-links, styling, and annotation for AGC/AEA source code were added. AGC GUI-based debugging is supported in Code::Blocks or similar. AGC/AEA CLI debugging support was improved. A "presentation" feature was added. Bugs were fixed regarding symbol tables, CLI debug mode in Mac OS X, and LM-simulator axes.

      •  01 Apr 2009 17:31

        Release Notes: A GUI front-end has been added to make selection of simulation options, AGC source code browsing, and source code assembly easy. There are now binary installation packages for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Digital uplink to the AGC has been implemented. Some bugs have been fixed.

        •  11 Jan 2006 14:11

          Release Notes: The Apollo 15-17 CM AGC executable ("Colossus 3" a.k.a. "Artemis 072") is available for use in the simulator. (Colossus 3 source code is not yet available.) Scans of the Colossus 3 GSOP document are mostly available. CM downlink lists are implemented. yaAGC/yaAGS debugging is now symbolic, and yaAGC has other new debugging features. Building with Cygwin is possible. Many updates have been made to LM_Simulator (the IMU simulation). There are bugfixes to yaAGC's CPU simulation. The mysterious EDRUPT instruction is handled properly. Accelerator keys have been added to yaDSKY.

          •  20 Jul 2005 13:04

            Release Notes: Window management features have been added to make running and shutting down the simulation much more convenient. The simulated IMU, FDAI ball, and LM rotational hand controller are now functional. The AGC digital uplink and digital downlink are working. The AGC retains the contents of erasable memory when powered down. The Abort Guidance System is working. Portions of the Colossus 3 ("Artemis") source code have been made available. An annoying but non-critical inconsistency in the assembler (yaYUL) has been fixed. There is now an online Virtual AGC discussion group.


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