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ya-wipe is a tool that effectively degausses the surface of a hard disk, making it virtually impossible to retrieve the data that was stored on it. This tool is designed to make sure that sensitive data is completely erased from magnetic media.


Recent releases

  •  26 Feb 2002 08:22

    Release Notes: ya-wipe now doesn't rename over an existing file, and the Debian changelog was fixed.

    •  10 May 2001 22:15

      Release Notes: Splitting wipe.c into seperate modules, removal of raw /dev/urandom passes, switching back to the Mersenne Twister (much faster and uses much less entropy from /dev/urandom), changes to a lot of command line options, proper syscall wrappers, and improved per-file fault tolerance (a failure during wiping of one file doesn't cause the rest to be aborted).

      •  04 Mar 2000 22:02

        Release Notes: Fixes for block devices, silent mode, and an xor loop.

        •  19 Feb 2000 08:01

          Release Notes: A fix for a typo that caused ioctl() to not be used (only affected block device support).

          •  07 Jan 2000 06:11

            Release Notes: Fixes for serious hash IO bugs, new Debian package scripts, minor block devices fixes (still untested), an updated man page, and simplified debug builds.


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