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Xye is a puzzle game in which the objective is to get all the gems in each level. The mission is not as easy as it sounds: there are traps, monsters, and very hard puzzles everywhere. The player can interact with objects in the game in a lot of ways, and some of the objects can also interact with other objects.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Aug 2013 19:40

    Release Notes: A desktop icon and launcher were included in the tarball. Compilation issues with GCC 4.7+ were fixed. Teleports in the editor will now show the "Active" sprite when lined up. The skin dialog now remembers the currently selected skin.

    •  11 Mar 2012 06:29

      Release Notes: In *nix, Xye will no longer use files at ~/.xye, but will instead use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME and $XDG_DATA_HOME to store configuration and custom levels/skins. The skin selector now allows you to disable the ability of levels to customize colors. Various bugfixes. New levels. Some interface and small skin tweaks.

      •  30 Oct 2011 22:09

        Release Notes: New objects, essentially a whole block color (purple), have been added. Some of the new objects have new behaviors, like purple surprise blocks that teleport Xye to their location when pushed, or purple time bombs. New levels have been added to the list of official ones. New tutorials, mostly explaining the new objects. Some bugfixes. A better, friendlier list box control.

        •  12 Oct 2011 06:08

          Release Notes: This release adds new levels, various bugfixes (including ones for grave editor crashes), and editor features (such as being able to change the level's color scheme).

          •  29 Sep 2011 03:15

            Release Notes: Various bugs in the editor were fixed. 15 new levels were included. The editor can now open kye files.

            Recent comments

            09 Apr 2006 18:55 vexorian

            Re: Direct link to tar.gz
            (ignore the link, it was for an old version)

            05 Apr 2006 07:01 vexorian

            Direct link to tar.gz

            Also this binary should work instantly on ubuntu 5.1 with sdl and sdlimage installed by synaptic:



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