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27 Apr 2012 20:33 sumpfralle

wow - I am impressed!
I just had one hour of pure fun while going through the manpage and adjusting the settings to my taste.
This is really the kind of browser that I always wanted to use. Thanks a lot for your magnificent work!

18 Jul 2011 17:27 slashmarco

There is a pretty expansive man page in the tarball and online at:

Various Linux distros handle the installation for you. You might want to try to give those a go. If you want to use the source then the procedure is: cd linux && make && make install

16 Jul 2011 05:54 idknow

excuse me, I'm no dummy but where the hell is the documentation and install docs; even a lowly README file with documentation would be helpful, especially since using pmake on a linux system is definately non-standard!!!


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