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xtell allows you to send messages between computers running xtell server. It is easy to use in scripts (i.e. to notify you when you get a mail or something else happens) or as a network-aware replacement for write(1). It was originally based on Michael Bacarella's ident2 server and Jozef Knepp's VMS implementation.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 Jul 2001 20:22

    Release Notes: This release contains many minor bugfixes and enhancements, and has much better portability.

    •  21 Jul 2000 07:09

      Release Notes: Debian-specific changes.

      •  16 Feb 2000 02:23

        Release Notes: Use of autoconf and automake, and .xtell-log is not automatically created if it does not exist.

        •  26 Nov 1999 17:55

          Release Notes: Better handling of broken servers.

          •  03 Nov 1999 14:30

            Release Notes: xtell can be linked with the GNU readline library now.

            Recent comments

            16 Jul 2001 06:25 v9

            some minimal buffer calculation errors
            noticed in xtell(version 2.6), when glanced at briefly, that there are some buffer miscalculations. such as, one or two byte buffer exceeding possibilities -- usually exceeds with static data though. but, a general example; connect to xtelld(port 4224) and send '[20+ bytes]:::\n' and it will memory fault. (won't show up if xtelld is backgrounded)


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