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xtalk is a multi-user IM/chat room system. It can be used to chat with other people within a colourful yet minimalistic command-oriented client.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Aug 2009 20:48

    Release Notes: Heavy refactoring: approximately 80% of the code has been moved out to object files (this was long overdue).

    •  12 Jul 2009 22:33

      Release Notes: The bans-list format was changed to a simpler, human-readable one (hopefully fixing the bugs with /ban -). Man pages and a Makefile were added.

      •  23 May 2009 18:29

        Release Notes: Persistent bans were added with a simple database that should be extensible to carry other information as well in later versions. (There are a few known bugs in the remove-ban code which can break the database.) An option was added to set the admin-client IP address (otherwise, the first client to join is the admin). A /version command was added. The code was generally cleaned up. A lot of things have been refactored into function calls.


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