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06 Apr 2010 08:37 mdzawadi

Could Learfox update as to where I can get any support from?

25 Jun 2008 03:07 learfox

Downtime and relocation notice 2008 June 24
The site ( that hosts this project's web page ( was destroyed by error in behalf of a repair technitian attempting to fix another site physically adjacent to this site on 2008 June 12. This site was incorrectly identified as the site needing repair by the technitian and all of its data was completely erased by the "repair" which involved an attempt to install a different operating system (Windows 2000).

Corrective actions are pending on the technitian as of this posting.

We are currently regenerating our source and data packages and using and as a temporary distribution point. We have not made a decision at this point as to whether to keep this temporary distribution set up or to recreate the set up on When a decision is made it will be posted here.


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