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xslide is a major mode for (X)Emacs for editing XSL Stylesheets. Its features include an XSL customization group for setting some variables; an initial stylesheet which is inserted into empty XSL buffers; a "template" menu for jumping to template rules, named templates, key declarations, and attribute-set declarations in the buffer; an "xsl-process" function that runs an XSL processor and collects the output; syntax highlighting; an "xsl-complete" function for inserting element and attribute names; an "xsl-insert-tag" function for inserting matching start- and end-tags; automatic completion of end-tags; automatic indenting of elements with user-definable indentation step; and a comprehensive abbreviations table.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Mar 2004 01:08

    Release Notes: This release adds an "xsl-if-to-choose" function, improves XEmacs compatibility, and fixes some bugs.

    •  08 Oct 2001 14:14

      Release Notes: The ability to customize "xsl-indent-attributes" and "xsl-indent-element-step" was added. A bug in the name completion was fixed. The Saxon process error regexp was fixed. Some font-lock colors were changed. The bug in which XSLT attributes were colored as FO attributes has been fixed. The FO element and attribute names were updated to match XSL PR. $(PRELOADS) was changed to emulate a version that works well with tdtd. A pronunciation note was added. A note about the "Xsl" Customize group was added. A note that mentions that xslide should be installed on your Emacs load path was added.


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