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24 Jul 2010 07:34 tayu

Hi, rrt.
Thank you for your comment.
I asked freshmeat staff about this matter and he also said that it's less confusing if each sub-project were represented by its own project page on freshmeat.
I will follow you and him, and I will create new project page on freshmeat for each sub projects from next release.
Thanks for the advice.

18 Jul 2010 15:30 rrt

xslet project announcements on Freshmeat are confusing, because they are all titled "xslet" followed by the version number of the subproject, but it doesn't say obviously which subproject is meant (except in the tags).

Please can you make the title the name of the subproject, rather than always "xslet"? (I understand that Freshmeat doesn't support sub-projects, so that probably means creating a separate Freshmeat project for each xslet subproject.)


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