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xslui is an XSLT applet to display Web pages with a modularized XML file in Web browsers. This applet can design page layout by arranging square blocks called "areas". Thus it is very easy to display layouts like horizontal columns. This layout feature can also separate descriptions of an area's arrangement and contents, even in different files. This feature provides Web pages with modularization and sharing of their parts. In addition, xslui has data operating elements with the xsldo library, which can operate on XML data in the same or other XML files as the display data. This feature provides separation of views and data.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Sep 2010 15:13

    Release Notes: This version updates xsldo and xslhtml to the latest versions. (xsldo is 1.7.0 and xslhtml is 1.2.0.) Some modifications were also made.

    •  09 Aug 2010 15:05

      Release Notes: This version uses xsldo library version 1.5.1 and changes the APIs of some data operating elements. It adds some modifications.

      •  08 Aug 2010 11:17

        Release Notes: This version modifies a bug in which passing the parameter "ARG1" to child elements was missing in the "do:_apply" function. This bug affected the following API functions: do:_sum, do:_relation, and do:_for. Note that xsldo now has its own entry on freshmeat that is separate from this project entry. Please see the project page of "xslet / xsldo" for information about xsldo from now on.

        •  19 Jul 2010 12:07

          Release Notes: This version makes it possible to specify styles of the immediate parent TD element and immediate DIV.content element of a DIV.area element by adding new CLASS and ID attributes. This version also corrects a mistake of the specification document.

          •  17 Jul 2010 02:54

            Release Notes: This version fixed a bug in the function for counting child areas, which is used with the 'horz' and 'edge' layouts.

            Recent comments

            24 Jul 2010 07:34 tayu

            Hi, rrt.
            Thank you for your comment.
            I asked freshmeat staff about this matter and he also said that it's less confusing if each sub-project were represented by its own project page on freshmeat.
            I will follow you and him, and I will create new project page on freshmeat for each sub projects from next release.
            Thanks for the advice.

            18 Jul 2010 15:30 rrt

            xslet project announcements on Freshmeat are confusing, because they are all titled "xslet" followed by the version number of the subproject, but it doesn't say obviously which subproject is meant (except in the tags).

            Please can you make the title the name of the subproject, rather than always "xslet"? (I understand that Freshmeat doesn't support sub-projects, so that probably means creating a separate Freshmeat project for each xslet subproject.)


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