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xSite generates static XHTML and CSS Web albums from image directories, making use of JPEG/EXIF comments in the images instead of external databases. It will also generate an RSS 2.0 feed for the resulting album. xSite is not a photo management tool by itself, so must use something else for tagging, editing, and organizing your images. The project's goals are simplicity, ease of use, and standards compliance in the output.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Sep 2007 18:13

    Release Notes: Recursion (subdirectories) support with separate RSS feeds per subdirectory. Support for many files in a subdirectory. Optimized HTML/image regeneration. Removed pictures are deleted upon refresh. Filenames with spaces and exotic characters are handled. There is a lot of cleanup and bugfixes. It is now possible to "stick" a new image directory anywhere into an existing album tree. If upgrading, please check the FAQ first.

    •  24 Aug 2007 12:40

      Release Notes: After a re-run, images that have been deleted from the original directory are now removed from the album as well. Many sanity checks and more meaningful error messages are now used. A bug which caused Internet Explorer not to show images properly has been fixed. An RSS generation bug (which occurred when re-indexing an unmodified old album) has been fixed. Relative pathnames work now.

      •  20 Jun 2007 18:12

        Release Notes: Bugfixes to the new RSS generation code. The ability to sort RSS feeds by image modification time. Minor cleanups.

        •  20 Jun 2007 14:04

          Release Notes: This release adds an RSS 2.0 feed to your albums.

          •  16 Apr 2007 21:14

            Release Notes: This release will only re-generate HTML where needed, speeding up additions to a large collection considerably.


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