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XScanMaster is a program to control intelligent lights using DMX512, based on the fixture library from GrandMA-firmware. The DMX512 output is done using DMX4Linux, which offers support for most common interfaces and many DMX512 lines. Also included are functions to control fixtures movements in calibrated reference environments. More than one reference setting can be added to any fixture, and any fixture can be selected to run in one of its reference environments or not. In the environment the user can control the fixture in different coordinate systems. Sceens and cues can be recorded on a fixture:feature base. Both can be included in other sceens or cues. Playing sceens/cues can be done from one or more "replay units"; each replay unit can run any program at a given speed (beatcounters are included).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Feb 2004 15:13

    Release Notes: This version now compiles againest XFroms 1.0. Minor fixes were made.

    •  09 Feb 2002 17:20

      Release Notes: The driver pack DMX4Linux has replaced dmx_txt_disp with dmxdisplay. Because of that, updating the XScanMaster was needed to get the "DMX display" menu entry working again.

      •  28 Jan 2002 14:16

        Release Notes: Reading of DMX512 input was added. The master can now be controlled using DMX512. The fixture library was updated to the one from GrandMA firmware 2.3. A usage file was added. A bug which cuased the display update to hang was fixed.

        •  22 Jun 2001 09:19

          Release Notes: Functions for puls, rectangle, sawtooth, and triangle added. Dmx monitor window added (actually starts an xterm with dmx_txt_disp in it). Preset renaming and updating added. Backup-file handling changed (maximum number of files is not limited).

          •  18 Jun 2001 08:44

            Release Notes: This release includes an fx-engine which makes complex functions a lot easier, as well as giving the ability to add, change, or remove effects online without recompiling or restarting. Core dumps on saving programs or reading broken show files have also been fixed.


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