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29 Jul 2008 08:11 mandryka

New features in version xrope-1.4.4
Multiplatform version of xrope-1.4.4.

Tested under Linux, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

See documentation at on how to install under Windows.

29 Jul 2008 08:10 mandryka

New features in version xrope-1.4.3
Multiplatform version of xrope-1.4.3.

Tested under Linux, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

See documentation at on how to install under Windows.

25 Jun 2008 07:25 mandryka

New features in version xRope-1.4.3
New functions: "indent block" "deindent block" in Edit menu.

Lots of new functions in the new "Utils" menu:

1)- "Print current module (via firefox)": send an html, highligted version of the currennt module to mozilla firefox for printing.

2)- Add block delimiters to current module: Adds Ruby-style block delimiters to the blocks of the current module (in the form of comments).

3)- xml to Tkinter: Builds a Python Tkinter graphical interface from an xml template (with xml validation).

(see an example in the documentaion)

4)- Highlighing for the Karrigell server appliactions development (.ks, .pih, .hip, .htm, .html, .xml files).

22 Jul 2007 03:03 mandryka

Summary: New Video tutorials:

A new video tutorial (Flash, .swf format) has been added as a link to the manual:





More tutorials are under way, in particular a tutorial about the use of the build-in graphical builder.

19 Jul 2007 01:30 mandryka

New in release 1.2c9:

- The right-hand pane also contains a "check" tab.

From this "check" tab one can check the validity of the code included in the currently selected module:

* Double-click in left-hand file manager.

* Select the "Check" tab in the right-hand pane.

- The ckeck features is provided by the pychecker package.

- In case said package is not yet available on the system, the version of pychecker which is shipped with xRope is installed along with

xRope, via the xRope setup script.

18 Jul 2007 01:46 mandryka

"Run" function now multithreaded
The "Run" function can now be used to run the current module regardless of how much time said module takes to execute (even if it is a connectio, a socket or a graphical interface) , since the improved "Run" feature is launched in a separate thread.

The Graphical Builder is also muthithreaded now.

08 Jul 2007 13:20 mandryka

New in version 1.2c2
Notes for xRope-1.2c2:

The releases from the series 1.2c (1.2c1, 1.2c2 etc ...) will be dedicated mainly to:


1) Make the code more robust.

2) Make the existing features more complete, ergonomic, user-friendly.

Still, there is a new feature in version 1.2c2:

New feature in release 1.2c:


A "Run" function has been added (see corresponding "Run" tab in the right hand pane).

The Run "button" in the Run "tab" runs the module which is selected (from the left-hand

build-in file manager -by double-clicking on it's module icon-).

- The output from the program (the selected module) is displayed in the same "Run" tab.

- The output from stdout and stderr are displayed in the same text box with different colors.

- The errors lines giving rise to errors are highlighted in yellow in the output screen.

This "Run" feature should not be run with programs which do not return reasonably fast,

i.e. (FTP or HTTP connections, for instance) or programs which are long to run or blocking.

Such programs are still betrer tested from the command-line in a console.

19 Jun 2007 04:31 mandryka

New in version 1.2c
xRope is provided with two new add-ons:

Graphical UI builders, based on "tk_happy" and "rapyd".

A customized version of these add-ons is shipped along with the code of xRope, because the respective developers of these two applications have not yet provided a simple, canonical way to install them.


xRope 1.2c uses :

- rope-0.5m5

- tk_happy-0.3

and derivatives of:

- rapyd-0.1.1

- pmw-1.1.2

Which are shipped with it and installed (if not already present, in the case of Pmw) by the command "python install" (as root).

22 Apr 2007 03:40 mandryka

New in version xrope-1.1s
The editor has been updated to version rope-0.5m5 of rope.

- Improved navigation

- Improved auto-complete (alt-/) displays the methods of the object under the cursor

- Improved help on class methods: (Ctrl-C Ctrl-D) displays the doctring and arguments of the current method.

14 Mar 2007 16:44 mandryka

Draft of the manal
A draft of the manual is availble under:

-> Xrope

-> project

-> Web site

or at the address:


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An open, cross-platform journaling program.


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