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XRMS provides a fully-integrated suite of PHP Web-based customer relationship management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA), and business intelligence (BI) tools, allowing companies to integrate their sales, service, and marketing data into a single information store.


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25 Oct 2007 06:55 myvtiger

XRMS Online Training
XRMS Online training and tutorial [ (]. We offer a training for the XRMS CRM system that enables you to start working with the system immediately. The online
training will take place at your browser. Check it out !

27 Dec 2004 04:38 Rihards

Re: The best Open Source CRM around
I agree, but consider also PHPproject. Here is better croslinking

but in phpproject is also project managment features.

> This is by far the best CRM in the open

> source community.

06 Aug 2004 03:42 austinjh

Praise & more praise
Intuitive, great looking and well structured, this CRM / Sales automation tool is way ahead of the other projects I've been keeping an eye on.

Simply put, "It does exactly what it says on the tin".

Fits perfectly into real-world sales organisations that want to automate their sales process in a comprehensive CRM system without all the bloated features that are diversions from what is a comercially viable piece of open source with a massive promise to satisfy any sales manager.

I think this really gives those proprietry off-the-self contact manager / sales tools a run for their money. You know the one I mean...., so ACT now and download XRMS ;-)

29 Jul 2004 11:05 whatbenefits

Looks Excellent!
I just took a look at the demo... Looks great! Very fast too...

The only minor detail was that someone has screwed with the demo accounts so the only one working was user1/user1 demo[1|2|3]/demo[1|2|3] didn't work... Oh well...

26 Apr 2004 17:38 nurikabe

Re: The best Open Source CRM around

> This is by far the best CRM in the open

> source community.

I agree. Some very good promise here.


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