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22 Feb 2003 13:43 holographic

where are the data files
This is a nice application :)

But where are the data files (CIA factbook/anthem/hymn/country
map)? The buttons in the city info windows don't show any signs
of these files.

I downloaded the xrmap-2.25-1.i586.rpm which is supposed to include all these data files, but now I doubt it. The links to the individual data file simply don't work.

The CIA_WB data is good; the other 28 Mb eawpats12.tar.bz2
looks like a collection of midi patches, I don't know what it got to do with this application.

Another thing: the .eps output can't be viewed by ghostview; the .ps files can, but the filesize is way too big, over 2 Mb.

Could be better if all these can be fixed in the future release.

05 Apr 2002 01:33 demailly

Mnor bug correction in xrmap-2.12
There is a minor bug in version 2.12 affecting all printing routines. Apply the correction_2.12.patch from the main FTP site to get it right - otherwise you may still use any screen dump utility to print the maps.


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