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Xrmap is a program running under X that can interactively display portions of the Earth, using the huge CIA world vector map. It is based on an earlier console utility 'rmap'. It features political boundaries, major and minor rivers, glaciers, lakes, canals, etc. The map remains accurate under a very large zoom factor, which can possibly exceed 100. Spherical, rectangular, Mercator and Miller projections are implemented, and all features can be interactively set from the GUI.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Nov 2005 21:38

    Release Notes: Xrmap now directly reads the vector formats EPS and SVG or the bitmap formats PNG, GIF, and JPEG. The GUI has been partially reworked and should be easier to navigate. The collection of SVG flags is quite complete (about 50 more entries than in the openclipart collection, including high quality vector format flags of US states).

    •  15 Jul 2005 23:21

      Release Notes: This release integrates earthview, an interactive program that can display the earth topography and population density. The collection of flags has been replaced by the SVG flags from the openclipart collection. In total, this release can exploit several gigabytes of data (800 megabytes of optional compressed data to download, of which 20 are required).

      •  04 Apr 2005 00:15

        Release Notes: This version includes some small fixes, a work-around for an annoying bug in recent versions of libXpm, and a correction in the Postscript macros.

        •  19 May 2003 13:45

          Release Notes: Xrmap now features a file browser widget which is tightly integrated into the GUI, making file and theme selection easier. Several minor other enhancements have been made, including bug corrections.

          •  10 May 2003 23:23

            Release Notes: This release introduces the ability to edit and manipulate the vector map data. The original pre-1990 CIA World Data Bank has been updated to include the new international border lines appeared since then (former USSR, former Yugoslavia, Czech Republic, Slovakia).

            Recent comments

            22 Feb 2003 13:43 holographic

            where are the data files
            This is a nice application :)

            But where are the data files (CIA factbook/anthem/hymn/country
            map)? The buttons in the city info windows don't show any signs
            of these files.

            I downloaded the xrmap-2.25-1.i586.rpm which is supposed to include all these data files, but now I doubt it. The links to the individual data file simply don't work.

            The CIA_WB data is good; the other 28 Mb eawpats12.tar.bz2
            looks like a collection of midi patches, I don't know what it got to do with this application.

            Another thing: the .eps output can't be viewed by ghostview; the .ps files can, but the filesize is way too big, over 2 Mb.

            Could be better if all these can be fixed in the future release.

            05 Apr 2002 01:33 demailly

            Mnor bug correction in xrmap-2.12
            There is a minor bug in version 2.12 affecting all printing routines. Apply the correction_2.12.patch from the main FTP site to get it right - otherwise you may still use any screen dump utility to print the maps.


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