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Xpuyopuyo is a Tetris-like game in which the object is to match four or more blocks of the same color. Multiple matches are worth more points, and result in rocks being dumped on the opponent. It supports human-human, human-AI, AI-AI, or network game play, and a number of gameplay options including themes and music. The game also features AIs that can learn to play strategically.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  16 Feb 2003 03:10

    Release Notes: Fixes to support building with recent GCC 3.x compilers, and a new theme, "Fabo".

    •  15 Jul 2001 20:43

      Release Notes: Since the last announcement a new theme has been added, several minor bugfixes were made to the dialogue code, and tooltips have been added for the configuration options.

      •  15 Aug 2000 00:47

        Release Notes: An error in the AI code and a bug in the configure script were fixed. Sound effects are supported in this release.

        •  06 Aug 2000 23:35

          Release Notes: The AI code was reverted to an earlier form, so the AI's should be more challenging.

          •  01 Aug 2000 09:49

            Release Notes: Minor changes were made. This release is one of the last ``unstable'' releases, so feedback and bug reports are encouraged.

            Recent comments

            02 Jan 2000 16:29 karellen

            neat game
            This game is very neat. Starting with version 0.3.0 you can
            even play it with your friends via network. I don't particulary
            like tetris games and I had a DOS game like this but with square
            blocks. This is way better and it looks nice too -- the round
            blocks have eyes and it features multiple AI rules. Mind you,
            this is *not* tetris. You don't do lines anymore, you have to
            stack four of a color and the blocks disappear. Quite interesting.
            I think it's similar to that Dr. Mario game on Nintendo, not shure


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