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xps dynamically displays in an X Window the Unix processes as a tree or forest, the roots on the left and the leaf processes on the right. The status of each process (running, sleeping, stopped, etc.) can be indicated by a color. Different users appear as different colors. Process selection can be made per user, all users or through a regular expression pattern. A process can be selected to show ps information or to send the process a signal.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Apr 2003 02:01

    Release Notes: Minor small improvements requested by users have been added. Some changes have been made to make autoheader shut up with its warnings. Help headers files are now included.

    •  08 Apr 2003 20:54

      Release Notes: This release fixes minor building bugs (e.g., in the RPM spec file) and adds a more idiomatic automake. It works with more non-GNU makes (e.g., BSD's). Building outside source tree works now.

      •  21 Mar 2003 06:15

        Release Notes: This release uses automake and more of its conventions. "make dist" and "make distcheck" now work. It uses libgtop if available.

        •  05 May 2001 15:03

          Release Notes: This release fixes support for OpenBSD and fixes a bug related to using the wrong library order in Lesstif.

          •  25 Mar 2001 17:37

            Release Notes: A bug in the configure script for reporting lack of Motif/Lesstif was fixed. autoheader is now used. config.guess and config.sub were updated.

            Recent comments

            02 Mar 2001 14:37 rocky

            Re: Anyone want to port this to GTK or QT?
            Since no takers in a couple of years, I've ported to GNOME/GTK.

            See gnopstree (

            There's still QT though.

            16 Jun 1999 19:26 rocky

            Anyone want to port this to GTK or QT?
            If so contact me, .

            Or better yet, just do it.


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