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XPKGTOOL is a GUI front-end for pkgtools that allows you to manage, install, remove, and upgrade packages with ease, through a nice and user friendly X-based interface. It comes with a built-in update manager, called SlackGrade, that will help you to keep your Slackware system up to date, checking, downloading, and upgrading the system with the latest packages available from the main Slackware distribution sources on the Web.

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Recent releases

  •  22 Jun 2004 03:32

    Release Notes: A package integrity check was added. Double-clicking or pressing "Enter" on a package now shows its properties. A main menu bar was added. An icon was added in the working dialog. A working (loading) dialog is now displayed on start-up. The menus/tool buttons are disabled if no package is selected. Broken image links were fixed in the help dialog. The view mode toolbar buttons now toggle their respective menus. A loop count fixup was made in pkginfo for GCC 3.3.4 conformance. The size of the about box was adjusted. SlackGrade was updated to 0.0.2exp.

    •  08 Jun 2004 14:18

      Release Notes: A window icon was added. SlackGrade, the Slackware Update Wizard, was added. Error handling was added for package operations. Permissions for shared files on install were fixed. Cosmetic changes were made in about info.

      •  27 May 2004 07:10

        Release Notes: This release added a makefile option to build using shared wxGTK libraries. Package operations are now only enabled if running as superuser. Package operations were fixed, superuser detection was simplified, variable casts in ID generation were fixed, and memory leaks due bad pointers were corrected.

        •  26 May 2004 03:02

          Release Notes: This release fixed a problem with pkgtools being called with the /sbin prefix. Improvements were made to list sorting, and a useless image was removed from src/xpm.

          •  24 May 2004 07:44

            Release Notes: The package list is now sorted by name when in detail mode. A warning is given if the program is run by a non-superuser. A radio style was added for list style mode menus, and the main window size was fixed to fit entire list columns. The list style menus now toggle the respective toolbar buttons. wxWindows references were changed to wxWidgets, radical changes were made to package info retreival, and an uneeded wxListItem member was removed from the MainDlg class.


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