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XNotesNG is the next generation of XNotesPlus, a full-featured personal information manager. It is plugin driven and includes a Todo Manager, Calendar Manager, Category Manager, and extensive notes system, including features such as text searching, printing, alarms, date and calendar inserts, and categorization by colored projects.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2010 01:17

    Release Notes: This release is the initial port to the new architecture. The goal is stability in the core and standard plugins in order to begin development of more advanced desktop features. XNotesNG is now licensed with an MIT license.

    •  31 Jan 2005 10:10

      Release Notes: This version adds a hidden title bar for XNotes, an option to edit Categories for the Todo Manager, a Shade option to the Notes menu in XNotes windows, and an option to edit PILOTPORT. It removes the registration option, and switches the builtin help to use online help. This release additionally fixes a segfault at startup caused when PILOTPORT was not set prior to starting the application.

      •  14 Mar 2004 20:15

        Release Notes: This release fixes Todos when the entry deleted notes window is updated to show the newly selected entry's note. A Save button has been added to calendar note, and it allows edits to be saved or canceled properly now. Timers have been added to check if the day has changed and change the highlight in the Monthly view of the Calendar Manager.

        •  01 Mar 2004 17:03

          Release Notes: A builtin, ful-featured Calendar Manager was added to replace the old external dependency on ical. Extensive updates were made to the Todo Manager. The latest pilot-link library (with USB support) is now supported. Compile time support for CUPS printers is available. The HTML documentation was improved, utilizing gnome-moz-remote to choose your browser. Many bugfixes were made. An improved theme with a polished appearance was added.

          •  15 Feb 2002 17:35

            Release Notes: A new NOPILOT config option to build without Pilot tools and forcing gmake/gcc to not do parallel buils (these address build problems on Solaris 2.8), fixes for build problems with XFree86 4.1, a fix to the installer to actually show status updates on the status bar, and fixes for broken themes.


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