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The XNGR XML Browser is an XML browser framework, written in Java, that provides the functionality to associate Markers with directories, files, XML documents, and nodes in an XML document. Services and Actions can be associated to inspect and manage these marked items. Default services include a simple XML Editor and XML Viewer.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 May 2009 10:12

    Release Notes: The desktop functionality has been removed and the management of services is now performed by the OSGI framework. The project no longer uses dom4j. The API has been fully reworked, which involved major changes to the Service and Action interfaces. The inclusion of Marker interfaces and the Explorer have been updated. There is no need to add or remove documents any more. The Explorer now simply browses the file-system instead.

    •  14 Oct 2003 14:55

      Release Notes: This version has full JavaScript support. It also includes other Apache Batik-based functionality, like easy-to-use zoom, pan, and rotate transformations, printing, thumbnail view, and options to export the SVG image to PNG, TIFF, or JPEG format.

      •  02 Oct 2003 14:20

        Release Notes: This version features some major Editor enhancements, font selection, bugfixes, and usage of the latest Xerces 2 and DOM4J packages. The Editor enhancements include printing and full UTF-8 support. Font selection has been included to allow the user to change the font for the viewer, explorer, and editor. Among the bugs fixed are better end-tag support in the viewer and some syntax highlighting problems in the editor.

        •  18 Feb 2003 11:59

          Release Notes: This version includes a bugfix for exceptions being thrown when navigating the tree with keys, and a fix for problems with monospaced fonts with different widths for bold, italic, and plain. All known problems are now resolved. The Services API was simplified and finalized to allow for the easy creation of 3rd-party services.

          •  04 Feb 2003 14:41

            Release Notes: This version has some major Editor enhancements, bugfixes, and uses the latest Xerces 2 and DOM4J packages. The Editor enhancements include editing and saving of non well-formed XML, improved formatting functionality with the option to not inline elements with mixed content for readability, better entity handling with built-in support for an extensive set of common entities, and a new "save-as" option. Among the bugs fixed are all formatting problems, auto-reload when a document has been changed by an external process, and the addition of an overwrite warning when creating a new document.

            Recent comments

            10 Nov 2005 16:20 xakep

            Re: GPL? Euro 85
            Thank you for reply. Then I think it's time to update listing.

            10 Nov 2005 15:37 edankert

            Re: GPL? Euro 85
            The xngr XML browser project is still very much free and open source.

            Please have a look at:




            > I gather this is not the case anymore? I

            > failed to find anything free on the

            > site. Time to take the listing down,

            > isn't it?

            10 Nov 2005 15:22 xakep

            Re: GPL? Euro 85
            I gather this is not the case anymore? I failed to find anything free on the site. Time to take the listing down, isn't it?

            02 Nov 2003 07:10 edankert

            Re: GPL? Euro 85

            I am sorry about the confusion we are offering a range of products, under the name Exchanger.

            The Exchanger 'XML Browser' is an Open Source project licensed under the Mozilla Public License,

            The Exchanger 'XML Editor' also listed on Freshmeat is however a non Open Source, commercial product.

            We are planning to continue our Open-Source development and at the same time extend our Commercial product range.

            01 Nov 2003 16:20 jimcp

            GPL? Euro 85
            This commercial product is listed as GPL. There are many, many alternatives. In fact, i was amazed to see them go commercial with such a product.

            Freshmeat's reputation is for up-to-date info, please correct this.


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