Comments for Xnee's not an event emulator

24 Feb 2003 02:07 sandklef

1.0.4 released
Changes in 1.0.4
-changed printout forhelp andversion
-made ChangeLog what is supposed to be doesn't copy NEWS to ChangeLog anymore
-xnee manual is now under FDL
-xnee developer manual is now under FDL
-TODO updated with GNU Coding Standard todos
-doc (texi) files updated with index refs
-doc (texi) files updated to make info pages nice added to CVS
-fixed one sigbus & one sigsegv on nonglibc platforms (thanks freeBSD)

14 Jan 2003 07:43 sandklef

1.0.2 released
Changes in 1.0.2:
stop_key is now correctly parsed (man page updated).
CPU consuming calls to XRecordProcessReplies removed.
Async recording is not used anymore.
Fixed memory leak (a few bytes when closing down).
Man page corrected.
Help printout corrected.

30 Oct 2002 18:17 sandklef

Started working on Xnee 1.0
Work on Xnee 1.0 has just started.

One feature request has been added to the "old" TODO list (as found in the tar.gz).
Please come with feature requests and bug reports asap.


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Project Spotlight


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