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The XMMS VQF Plugin gives XMMS the ability to decode VQF files. Previously it used Wine to load the Windows DLLs, but it has been updated to use the VQF decoding SDK provided for i386 Linux.


Recent releases

  •  12 Jul 2002 23:59

    Release Notes: A bug playing VQFs that ended too early has been fixed, as well as some compilation errors. VQFs with bad headers will now be played. Basic tag editing is allowed. A view file info box has been added.

    •  06 Nov 2000 14:03

      Release Notes: Length is now reported correctly so that it doesn't appear to skip three seconds at the end. A "view file information" dialog box was added. The ability to seek was added. Damaged headers from bad encoders are now read rather than crashing. An attempt is made to guess length if DSiz is unavailable rather than reporting 0. A simple "about" box was added.

      •  12 Oct 2000 14:53

        Release Notes: All references to Wine have been removed.

        •  17 Nov 1999 17:58

          Release Notes: Fixes for compile bugs on certain machines, the plugin is now standalone rather than a patch to XMMS, the song title is now returned, compilation on systems with OpenGL installed is possible, shared memory cleanup is better, and premature stopping of VQFs has been fixed.

          •  27 Oct 1999 23:02

            Release Notes: Plugin is now reasonably stable, pausing is now working and the sound device is being released in time during VQF to MP3 changeovers, and XMMS is more responsive when playing VQFs than previously.


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