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08 Oct 2003 05:03 jammet

Re: New release in works, sorry for delay.
Version 8.0beta5 is out.

And I have absolutely no idea how to see the sub-song selector. The file information dialog pretty much has become useless since the latest XMMS release. It shows me the filename I'm playing, and which plugin is being used.

=( I hate the songpos patches and there is none for the current XMMS, besides, why's it called 'seekbar popup'? The seekbar doesn't work while playng SIDs, and there is absolutely no popup.

25 Feb 2002 00:44 ccrtnsp

New release in works, sorry for delay.
Version 0.8.0 is currently under development, but it has taken quite much time (due to other projects and laziness). It's coming, with blazing new features, have faith! :)


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