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xmms-crossfade is an output plugin for XMMS. Its main feature is automatic crossfading. It also removes the gaps between tracks, to play whole MP3 albums without any audible interruption. xmms-crossfade supports OSS via a builtin driver, and any other platform by using existing output plugins. As of version 0.3.9, the Audacious media player is also supported.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Nov 2007 03:56

    Release Notes: The automatic song change and end-of-playlist settings were not working correctly with using audacious. This has been fixed. The software mixer has also been improved. The volume setting is now applied just before sending the audio data to the output plugin, resulting in faster response.

    •  21 Nov 2007 16:31

      Release Notes: Support for audacious-1.4.2 and later was added.

      •  04 Mar 2007 20:53

        Release Notes: This release adds support for audacious-1.3.0. There was a change in that version that broke compatibility.

        •  14 Jul 2006 10:47

          Release Notes: A bug in the songchange detection that sometimes caused the end of songs to be cut off has been fixed. On a related note, the songchange timeout setting in the configuration dialog has been re-enabled. Also, changes have been made to support the latest versions of Audacious.

          •  04 Dec 2005 20:27

            Release Notes: Fixes a bug that could cause a segfault when opening XMMS-crossfade's configuration dialog. Also fixes Beep Media Player detection and another GCC 4 compilation bug.

            Recent comments

            14 Jul 2006 13:02 samjam

            not crossfade if....
            can you have it automaticaly NOT cross fade if the tracks DON'T have a gap between them?

            In such cases it is probably a longer work divided into tracks for convenience and cross-fading will spoil it.

            17 Aug 2005 10:57 dethmetaljeff

            Great plugin, however the fadeout during pause/stop got annoying until I realized that you can turn it off! It's nice to see a fully customizable plugin that actually does what it's supposed to.

            19 Jan 2004 14:34 name773

            i listen to music where one track mixes into the
            next, and man is this plugin great! good job!!

            12 Mar 2003 07:31 gvy

            pause supported in 0.3.1!
            Great plugin. Invisible but really cool for me -- and thanks for taking on a Pause! :-)

            17 Jan 2003 19:59 blais

            Re: AWESOME
            i agree! this plugin has changed my music-listening experience! very stable and nice!


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