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XMMS-Control is a Web-based method to control how XMMS acts. Using a standard browser you can control XMMS from any PC on the network.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Apr 2002 02:04

    Release Notes: Much better install instructions in the manual.html, and many bugfixes for different distros.

    •  19 Nov 2001 22:04

      Release Notes: A new semi-graphical equalizer has been added.

      Recent comments

      10 Jun 2004 18:12 joethielen

      New Home Automation/Audio control software!
      Check out my newest project: DRACONi Automation. I've merged XMMS-Control into it.

      02 May 2002 06:05 djnisbet

      Sorry if this is a repost. I've not used comments on freshmeat before, and my browser threw a tantrum in the middle of my last effort.

      This is a great program. I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. Most browser based playlist managers assume that the user wants to stream the music to a local PC. The only one that I could find that doesn't do this is 'mserv' which no longer is maintained.

      My setup is a dedicated PC playing mp3s using xmms, piped through the house via various hi-fis. A LAN based browser that allows easy control of xmms is exactly what I've been lookign for. Someone else mentioned that they wanted something they could teach their wife to use - my situation too. She's used to the GUI interface to xmms, but it's a bit of a hassle kicking it off on the various PCs as and when required, and she runs windows98 which is a problem.

      If there's a wishlist, here's the two things I miss:

      1. Jumping to the next RANDOM track.

      Because you're interfacing to xmms-shell, you don't have the facility to jump to the next random track. I've come across the problem when writing aliases to ease use of xmms. I found the way to do it was use xmmsctrl - I have the following alias: next='xmmsctrl next' - so when I'm bore of the track I'm listening to. and want something else, AT RANDOM, I type 'next'.

      2. SEARCHING

      My wife is got the hang of typing 'j' in xmms to jump to the list of tracks she's interested in. Any chance of a search facility in xmms-control.

      Great program. As I say - I've been waiting a long time for something like this!


      18 Mar 2002 15:03 showson1

      Re: Still need GUI?
      I can't wait to get home and try this out!

      I got an FM transmitter from Ramsey Electronics and have it hooked to the audio outputs of the soundcard.. so we can listen to MP3s from the server on any radio on our property.

      I've been looking for something exactly like this to give the wife and I easy control of XMMS from any machine, including my wireless iPaq. :)

      I'm psyched to give this a go!

      Thanks Joe!!


      21 Nov 2001 07:31 cinnix

      Re: Still need GUI?

      20 Nov 2001 15:37 joethielen

      Re: Still need GUI?
      Basically, I wanted a way to control the music playing from a wireless device (A PocketPC equipped with an 802.11b card). It's not to control the music from the console itself, but from other machines on the network. What I did is I ran the output from my sound card into three stereo's in my house, and one in my garage. So from my garage, I can take out my wireless Casio E-125 PocketPC, and turn the stereo on (on to the 'Aux' input), and listen to whatever MP3 I want... without having to have that specific MP3 loaded into my Casio. Another situation is if I'm in my bedroom using the PC in there (which is hooked up the LAN), then I can control the music playing through my bedroom stereo using the bedroom PC.

      Does that kind of make sense?


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