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XMLSysInfo (XSI) is an easy-to-use, secure, and comprehensive system monitoring daemon that replies to network queries with XML-encoded system information and statistics. This data can then be analyzed, graphed, or otherwise presented by a front-end.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  12 Feb 2007 12:35

    Release Notes: This release is all about cleanup and other janitorial work. The build system and the documentation received most of the attention, and XSI's chattiness has been reduced to a minimum. A minor reliability fix concerning signals and another regarding Linux sensors were made.

    •  16 Jan 2007 16:13

      Release Notes: This minor bugfix release resolves an issue with bogus output on NetBSD due to an uninitialized array. Some changes in 1.0-beta0 broke the fuzzer, which has been fixed. There also were a few small documentation tweaks.

      •  10 Jan 2007 20:18

        Release Notes: This milestone release comes with a large amount of changes, including new features, bug and consistency fixes, cleanups, and other improvements. With the development status changed to "beta", the XML Schema is frozen, and only bugfixes are allowed from now on. Both XMLSysInfo and the Schema have new versioning schemes which provide more flexibility while retaining a strict meaning about compatibility between versions.

        •  31 Dec 2006 16:02

          Release Notes: This release adds a fuzzer, i.e. noise generator, to XMLSysInfo. It was used to find and fix several potential issues in the output, a double-free() crash, and string sanitization problems. Several thousand test cases have made it reasonably sure that XSI cannot produce invalid output any more. A serious reliability issue has been fixed by ignoring the SIGPIPE signal.

          •  28 Dec 2006 12:26

            Release Notes: This release focused on code cleanups and getting the program to work with OpenBSD's new sensor API. The cleanups were mostly about internal consistency, except for code related to the sensors, which was rewritten and simplified a lot. XMLSysInfo now tries a lot harder on NetBSD to not leave any zombie processes lying around.


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