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XMLLiterate is framework for literate programming using XML. It uses the STL and patterns extensively and runs on all platforms supported by Boost.

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Recent releases

  •  05 Apr 2006 17:48

    Release Notes: A huge speed up of tangle by doing delayed loading of files. Only needed xi:includes are actually imported. This release generates Java code correctly, so you can use this for Java development. There are many other bugfixes and changes. The project now uses Subversion instead of CVS.

    •  14 Oct 2005 13:32

      Release Notes: This release adds "web" and "webtangle" for implementations to more closely follow the original WEB system designed and implemented by Donald Knuth. Please note that none of the major features of WEB and CWEB are implemented yet; this is just an initial step. The type system has been rewritten using new "typeimpls" in each object to describe an implementation of a type. This release adds generation of tests from an object and lots of XSL fixes. Projects can now safely be defined outside the cppliterate folder. The system should be able to handle multiple languages now.

      •  20 Jul 2005 11:27

        Release Notes: Standalone code is now supported. This is code that is not dependant on cppxmlobj. This means that all of the source for cppliterate now appears in the XML files in literate folders and is tangled. For this to work, constructors and destructors were added to objects and a scheme for placing other code trees into the schema was devised so that not everything descends from @xmlobj. The next step is to create a "skel" system which can be used to build new project directories outside of xmlliterate. Lots of bugs were fixed.

        •  12 Jun 2005 08:39

          Release Notes: Installation notes are now on the Web site. The documentation from the Web site is completely built from a single "weave" command in the root folder of cppliterate. A lot more bugs have been fixed and CSS was added to the HTML generated from weave. There is now a single weave script which can weave an entire project from all the files.xml sprinkled throughout it, weave a single entire schema, or weave a single object's documentation. All code inside objects derived from @xmlobj is now inside the schema as well.

          •  07 Oct 2004 12:01

            Release Notes: This release uses boost 1.31.0 with a comprehensive "tgl" tangle language and an xsltproc-based weave document generator.


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