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XmlIO is a framework for reading XML files into corresponding Java objects and for writing a graph of Java objects to XML.

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Recent releases

  •  24 Oct 2004 19:23

    Release Notes: Allows for more than one single instance of an object at a time within the object graph (allowing a parent object to have direct or indirect children of its own type).

    •  07 Jun 2004 15:15

      Release Notes: A limitation where string properties could not contain &, <, or > symbols was fixed. These symbols are now converted to entity references by the String print method. Collection handling in XmlWriter was generalized to support anything that implements a Collection interface. A bug in the way that reader looked up the converter for a property whose type was a collection was fixed.

      •  27 May 2004 15:38

        Release Notes: Converters can now be defined on a per property basis. The existence of a default configuration XML file was removed; all initial settings are now defined the configuration object. The code in ReaderContentHandler was cleaned up some more.

        •  06 May 2004 22:24

          Release Notes: Name mapping configuration file now has simple element attribute names. A critical error in XmlIOConfig that prevented it from loading external configuration files property has been fixed. Support has been added for outputting (primative) properties as attributes in the XML instead of only being elements.

          •  06 May 2003 20:50

            Release Notes: This release uses JAXP for SAX parsing. Version 1.0.0 relied on version 2 of Xerces in the classpath to do SAX parsing. There is also some code documentation cleanup and minor tweaking. All unit tests pass 100%.


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