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Xmldego provides XML parsing and/or transformation by binding callbacks to XML parsing events in the context of an XML element. While SAX, for example, calls your callbacks on every start tag, Xmldego will do so only for the child axis path you request. Xmldego is particularly useful when only smaller bits of a much larger XML file need to be processed, because only interest in the relevant bits need to be coded. In contrast to a DOM parser, much larger XML files can be processed, because the whole file is not loaded into memory.


Recent releases

  •  15 Apr 2009 18:46

    Release Notes: The handling of output has been completely redesigned. The new scheme allows callbacks to better edit output depending on conditions found in the input. Furthermore, callbacks for end element tags can now be dynamically added during processing to trigger only exactly on the specific element for which they were registered. This contrasts with statically registered callbacks that are always called for the type of element for which they are registered.

    •  06 Apr 2009 20:10

      Release Notes: Xmldego only allowed parsing of InputStreams, which made handling a DTD rather clumsy. Now files can also be parsed.


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