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XML-Grammar-Fiction is a Perl package that provides processors for lightweight markup languages and corresponding XML grammars for writing prose (e.g. stories, novels, and novellas) as well as screenplays. The XML grammars can in turn be translated to XHTML and DocBook/XML. XML-Grammar-Fiction currently offers only very basic functionality, but has good support for UTF-8 and allows one to write bidirectional texts conveniently. It is still under development and may exhibit some quirks.

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Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2013 09:34

    Release Notes: Support for new tags was added. A lot of refactoring and cleanups.

    •  27 Jul 2012 18:44

      Release Notes: This release removes trailing spaces (with a test). It has been converted from using Moose to using Mouse, which makes startup time and run-time faster (the test suite runs over twice as fast). The link to the repository in the META.yml/META.json has been updated.

      •  10 Jun 2012 08:03

        Release Notes: This release adds some unit tests for the line iterator. It adds "use autodie" to the modules with open calls.

        •  22 May 2011 13:40

          Release Notes: The and

          tags were added. Whitespace is properly handled after a closing tag in the Fiction-Text proto-text. The handling of entities in Fiction-Text and on the start of lines was fixed.

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