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08 Oct 2013 18:49 Babs3

All _ I would appreciate any help with an issue. I am a moderator with admin rights on a local community forum - Joomla/Kunena. When members post in certain topic sections they have started to receive the following error message: 'Fatal Error: Cannot redeclare xmail() in libraries/phpmailer/phpmailer.php on line 1 The error was detected in the Libraries.'

I have consulted Kunena forum but they suggest I try here as it appears to be an xmail issue. Does anyone have any advice? I would be very grateful.


30 Jan 2011 14:19 Zenith22

Re: Multiple domains on the same IP address

Same thing here, the emails mostly bounce with 417 temporary delivery error.
I think it has something to do with the primary domain for SMTP.
Is there any way to get help on proper configuration for multiple domains?

28 Aug 2006 23:15 sonarru

XQMAgent install on FreeBSD-6.1-Release (XMail)
Hi there,
I am trying to install XQMAgent (GUI for XMail server) on FreeBSD-6.1-Release. After unzip and try to run script "./xqmagent" to install this package, I get a message "/usr/libexec/ Shared object "" not found, required by "xqmagent"." On, where I downloaded XQMAgent, it is said that before installation "please be sure that (Secure Sockets Layer, cryptography libraries and tools) is installed on your system, and gives this link I installed openssl from ports, but it doesn't make any difference. I just don't know where to get this library.
Thank you for your advice ahead!

02 Nov 2005 18:13 rg87st

multiple domains on one IP

I am trying to setup several different domains on one Xmail server all with the same IP address.

It has been having problems with relay and seems to come of an invalid PTR record. There is only one PTR record to the root domain, but many other emails get bounced back from the rest of the domains.

How should I be setting it up?

Thanks a lot.

07 Jul 2005 10:00 davidel

Re: Windows XP configuration
Are you trying to send mail (SMTP) or get mail (POP3), while getting the password retry?
How did you configure your server? Manually, or using the CtrlClnt tool?

29 Jun 2005 20:26 sbenard

Windows XP configuration
I would appreciate any help on this issue - I have installed XMail on my Win XP Pro laptop, following all instructions from ( - a very good tutorial if I say so myself, and I do. :)

I am trying to set up my own machine at from my laptop to send e-mail using XMail; thus while following the instructions at I replaced the domain names provided in the tutorial with 'localhost'. This is the only way I could think of to send e-mail from my machine.

Using this configuration, however, my e-mail client connects to localhost, and asks for my password. The password I used in the installation of XMail seems to not be acceptable, and I am asked again and again for my password.

I am thinking that there is something I did wrong in my configuration. The totorial at is for XMail 1.6 & 1.7. Could that be it? Well, in any case, I have not found any instructions on how to send e-mail via XMail using your own machine, it seems like it's just for servers connected to the Internet backbone, or have a DNS server running on it, or something. I found many different non-XMail related GUI apps out there that would do the trick, but they're resource hogs.

Any help on this topic would be appreciated!


22 Mar 2005 21:04 frnd4me_blr

Problem in setting up XMail Server
Hi..i am unable to setup XMail Server. Can anyone help me out in doing the same.

here are the steps followed by me.., still its not working.....

Followed the steps given in README, created registery entries as described in th README, Installed XMAil Service (auto).Xmail Service is running in my Services.....

my systemname:pluto,

my "" entries are:---
"RootDomain" "" ,
"SmtpServerDomain" "" ,
"POP3Domain" "" ,
"HeloDomain" "" ,
"PostMaster" "" ,
"ErrorsAdmin" "" ,

Using XMail Admin GUI, i created
servername :localhost
serveraddress:, port:6017,
under this created users:
test1 and test2,

after this started the XmailServer and Using Mailclient(Outlook and Mozzila) i tried configung these users, by giving Pop3 and SMTP server as : ""

after all this i am not able to send mail from one user to other...

What might be the problem??
is my configuration is right?? or anything wrong in my setup??

Please Help me....

thanks in advance.....

22 Jun 2004 11:25 buehlertech

Re: Not a safe package to use
I couldn't disagree more with either of you. Regardless of the relatively minor issue of "out of the box" configuration, which is a simple judgment call that you seem to think is a major issue, I think it's ridiculous to even consider running a mail server without at least some level of awareness of security, open relaying being the first and most basic of security issues for a mail server.

The fact that Davide accounts for potential malicious code injection by jittering pointers goes WAY past most mail servers efforts at real security, at least the ones I am familiar with, and he should be applauded for that, as should Xmail. Instead you gripe about minor judgment calls and refer to his comments as condescending and reminiscent of Microsoft (hello? It's FREE, for one thing, and STABLE) - my comments may be a bit condescending since I can't believe anyone would run an open relay mail server then blame the product when they get blacklisted, but I don't feel Davides were in the least.

Anyway, that's my opinion. And there are step by step instructions, as well as a warning, if you simply go over the documentation. Item 15 in the step-by-step setup for Linux/UNIX, and item 16 for Windows if you wish to verify that.


07 Jun 2004 10:03 beckden

Re: Not a safe package to use
I have to agree. Your condescending and unrealistic response reminds me of something out of Redmond.
1. Making this package an out of the box spam relay, one wonders about your design motivation. Are spammers looking for XMAIL installs to exploit this security failure. I don't think MS would even try to justify this feature.
2. Which 25 lines are you talking about? If you are going to make such a bad design decision, it would be better to put a warning and step by step instructions.

30 May 2004 23:32 aseemd

Re: PSYNC Configuration
Hi David - Thanks for the response, so I guess I'll have to wait for the 2.0 release to be able to use this feature.

Nonetheless congratulations on coming up with a wonderfully stable and efficient system, specially given the small footprint of the server. Although I havent deployed XMail in a production environment, its performance in the test environment has come out very good indeed !


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