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xlSQL is a JDBC Driver for Excel, CSV, and other document data sources. Documents can be read and written with SQL as if they were tables in a database. In the case of Excel, xlSQL maps a directory with Excel files to a database, workbooks to schemas, and sheets to tables. These tables can be queried with the full SELECT syntax of either the HSQLDB, MySQL, or McKoi SQL dialect. Native xlSQL is a rich subset of SQL for creating, altering, and populating documents.

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Recent releases

  •  09 Nov 2004 08:02

    Release Notes: This release featured an "xldba" native DBA interface, the ability to export filesystem data to Excel with dir2xls, and utilities to export Excel to XML or SQL formats (HSQLDB or MySQL). A zero-admin MySQL server that runs out of the Zip file without requiring installation was included.

    •  30 Aug 2004 11:38

      Release Notes: Y5 is a complete rewrite of version Y4, effectively changing xlSQL into an application framework for developing JDBC drivers for document typed data sources, namely CSV, XML, Word, or any format for which the xlDatabase interface can be implemented.

      •  11 Aug 2004 08:09

        Release Notes: This is an interim release containing a prototype of the forthcoming CSV JDBC driver. The CSV JDBC Driver is functional for CSV files of the Microsoft format. The CSV JDBC Driver supports the complete SQL dialects of either HSQLDB, MySQL, or McKoi. This release contains a new driver kernel for both Excel (not included) and CSV.

        •  21 Jul 2004 02:20

          Release Notes:

          •  28 Jun 2004 14:17

            Release Notes: This is the first public alpha release.

            Recent comments

            24 Jul 2004 01:16 jimcp

            xlSQL Yn Development Branch
            xlSQL is in active development. New development builds are available on a daily basis. If you would like to contribute to xlSQL through source, tests, comments or feature requests subscribe to the development branch first.

            18 Jul 2004 01:48 jimcp

   file in Y4 - ( ? java.sql 1.4.2 bug ? )
            The driver searches for a file in the directory from which the calling program has been started. (The calling program could be a custom Java class or some generic JDBC gui.)

            If the driver finds a file it tries to read the MySQL connect properties. If it does the driver will use MySQL as the host SQL engine.

            If the driver cannot connect to MySQL because it is down, the user / pass is incorrect etc., a problem occurs within the java DriverManager. The program starts to loop and crashes with a stack overflow. This situation cannot be catched with some exception.

            No harm is done, check the properties and restart. The bug has been reported to Sun and is being investigated. When there is a fix it will be included in xlSQL Yn.

            08 Jul 2004 06:51 jimcp

            xlSQL Y3 Warning
            *** ALERT ***

            Directory C:\workbooks



            ···sheet2······INVALID AS SQL TABLE



            ···sheet1·········INVALID AS SQL TABLE


            Y3 behaviour: 2 tables are created, case-sensitive and between quotes ( ! )



            CREATE TABLE "MyBook1.sheet2" (COL1 VARCHAR, COL2 DOUBLE);

            will in some ( most ? ) cases destroy sheet2 or make the workbook unreadable for Excel.

            This bug is fixed in Y4.


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