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xlockmore is an enhanced version of xlock. It incorporates several new commandline options, which allow you to run it in a window, in the root window, in a different size/location, change the size of the iconified window, to install a new colormap and delay locking for use with xautolock.


Recent releases

  •  29 Jun 2009 22:23

    Release Notes: Various bugfixes, enhancements, and new blanking modules.

    •  10 Dec 2004 22:23

      Release Notes: Numerous minor bugfixes, code cleanups, and enhancements.

      •  11 Feb 2004 14:47

        Release Notes: A debug patch was fixed.

        •  11 Feb 2004 14:45

          Release Notes: Patches for OpenVMS were added. Speed-ups were made. The 5 OpenGL high intensity modes (atunnels, fire, sballs, sproingies, gears) now have full-screen defaults. Various compile fixes were made.

          •  11 Feb 2004 14:41

            Release Notes: xlockmore can now be configured to pipe the password into a command when the correct password is entered. Minor skewb fixes were made. The logout button and autologout can be disabled with -logoutButton -1. JP to JA fixes were made. Some more Japanese and French translations were done.

            Recent comments

            17 Aug 2000 04:04 karellen

            non suid/sgid
            This program should *not* be installed suid/sgid root or
            any other user with special privileges. It's known to have
            repeatedly compromised security and it's one of the first
            first binaries that I chmod 755 after installing a new Linux
            system. By not making it suid/sgid you force the program to
            generate ~/.xlockrc where the screensaver password is stored.
            I believe this is secure enough, as the file is chmod 600
            and enables you to set a different password [not the system password]
            on the screensaver.


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