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Xlit converts text from one writing system into another. It allows the user to define a transliteration simply by typing the input strings in one window and the strings to which they are to be mapped in another. Transliteration may be restricted to regions bounded by specified delimiters or their complements. Transliteration may also be performed by external commands or plugins. Xlit can also convert one type of delimiter to another, e.g. from HZ escapes to XML. Xlit can read and write transliteration definitions in its own format and as Yudit keymaps. It can be run in batch mode without the GUI.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Dec 2008 07:18

    Release Notes: A bug that interfered with batch mode operation has been fixed. Tk 8.5+ under X11 is now detected and font sizes appropriately modified. The license is now GPL version 3.

    •  14 Nov 2006 09:51

      Release Notes: Configuration files that load plugins now work properly with the GUI. Configuration files generated by xlit's Save Configuration command no longer trigger errors when read in batch mode. The popup for inserting accented letters has been improved, with more characters and upper case versions of the letters available.

      •  28 Aug 2006 05:38

        Release Notes: Plugins are now permitted to write to stderr so as to emit error messages. A bug was fixed in which xlit attempted to popup an error alert when running in batch mode without the GUI. The number of parse errors encountered is now reported.

        •  29 Jul 2006 06:55

          Release Notes: Plugins are now executed in a safe interpreter, which prevents them from writing files and performing other insecure operations.

          •  24 Jul 2006 00:00

            Release Notes: This release has been extended to allow the transliteration to be performed either by an external command or by a plugin written in Tcl. You can now use Xlit to apply a sed or Perl script, or a specialized standalone transliterator such as BuckwalterToUnicode, only to regions within specified delimiters.


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