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Xiwtool simplifies connecting a Linux computer's wireless card to a nearby Wireless Access Point. It allows anyone to browse nearby networks and can help you configure a Linux machine to connect to a WAP. It is compatible with any Linux system with a graphical desktop and wireless card, and can configure wireless connections on most systems which use ifup and ifdown to connect to the Internet.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Feb 2014 16:55

    Release Notes: This release provides better management of wireless connections and awareness of connection state, which means that this release of xiwtool works better with most common Linux networking utilities. Release 0.12 also adds the ability to display connection status and signal strength while the xiwtool window is minimized.

    •  11 Feb 2014 18:02

      Release Notes: This release adds basic support for X Window System icons, and contains fixes for several minor bugs in the dialog and information windows.

      •  08 Feb 2014 18:34

        Release Notes: This release of xiwtool adds the ability to display multiple MAC addresses for each Access Point and authentication entry. It also has the ability to check lease expiration on connected APs and provides a separate dialog to disconnect from networks. It contains many small user interface additions and ease-of-use improvements.

        •  27 Jan 2014 16:59

          Release Notes: This release handles network beacon frame overruns more thoroughly, which provides more reliable scanning in crowded environments. Release 0.09 also handles differences between open and authenticated network frames more efficiently, and reduces scanning overhead.

          •  21 Jan 2014 17:08

            Release Notes: Release 0.08 adds the ability to scan and manage automatic connections to public network WAPs, including managing connections made by other network programs like NetworkManager. This release also adds an installation procedure which can configure the program to give any user wireless network administration privileges, for use on Linux systems which don't use a root account. The program also has internal improvements which provide more reliable scanning and connections in crowded network environments.


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