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29 Mar 2006 09:01 hairdude

Agreed, it is projects like these that make linux a viable alternative for me. Thanks for all of your work.

04 Jan 2006 22:55 Fruetel

Thank you for this project
Thanx for providing an awesome open source multimedia environment. Using Linux would be a lot less fun without it.

03 Dec 2005 12:24 PaganHippie

Re: DivX Supported?

> Would I be right in assuming DivX

> encoded movies are supported?

Yes, DivX plays fine.

30 Nov 2005 08:07 gois

DivX Supported?
Would I be right in assuming DivX encoded movies are supported?

31 Aug 2005 10:24 barsnick

New releases
Could Siggi please update this entry with the new releases? Hello?

09 Aug 2005 23:01 The_JL

Thomas et al, thanks. Xine rocks, I would recommend it to anyone.

03 May 2005 02:26 fersten

Xine is a really versatile player. It supports a very impressive range of video and audio codecs. Xine does not directly support the playback of encrypted DVDs, although a dvd plugin can be obtained over the internet to add this functionality. With the use of plugins it can be extended in many other ways too. Multimedia was one area where Linux was desperately far behind Windows, but thanks to Xine this isn't true anymore. There are many nice frontends to Xine: eg totem ( or kaffeine ( My verdict: Xine is a great one stop multimedia shop. Tom (

22 Nov 2004 20:45 ohsotasty

1) comments shouldn't be used for technical support

2) if satan got a turd pregnant, the baby would be karaoke

26 Aug 2004 07:55 Shoemoney

Awesome player! Highly recomend. Excellent documentation.

21 Mar 2004 04:31 labe

Re: cdg or mp3+g support
you could check
they are building exactly that kind of thing and I guess they are in need of some additional developers..

> I'd like to have a karaoke plugin in
> XMMS ... which would handle CDG, MP3G,
> KAR formats !!! It does not exist
> anything at now !
> Maybe I'll program it if I've some free
> time ...


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