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XGalaga++ is a classic single screen vertical shoot ’em up. It is inspired by XGalaga and reuses most of its sprites.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Nov 2009 21:47

    Release Notes: Includes were fixed for newer versions of GCC.

    •  22 May 2008 10:22

      Release Notes: The date is saved with each high score. There are now fewer scrolling stars in the background. There is now less randomness in bonus distribution. The documentation was updated.

      •  09 Apr 2004 01:01

        Release Notes: Multi-fire is now only available as bonus. They are three more levels, for a total of 13.

        •  10 Mar 2004 04:55

          Release Notes: A bug in high scores display was corrected.

          •  09 Mar 2004 03:45

            Release Notes: An XGAL_PSEUDO environment variable is now available to change player names. The high scores display is improved.

            Recent comments

            08 Jul 2008 03:22 mmo

            Re: OSX build failure
            Try adding the "struct" word before the "flock" work.

            08 Jul 2008 02:00 bonezed

            16 Jun 2008 02:51 mmo

            Re: OSX
            A long time ago a friend compiled it under OS X. What problem did you encounter?

            16 Jun 2008 02:30 bonezed

            anybody know how to get this working on OSX (Leopard)?

            11 Mar 2004 02:19 mmo

            Re: Still problems in hi-scores
            I think you are using the precompiled binary, are you?
            The problem with this binary is that it saves the high scores file in the user home directory (ie each user has full access to its own high scores file).

            You can solve this problem by installing from sources. Before building the program, you should edit the Makefile (look for installprefix, HIGH_SCORES_FILE and EXE_GROUP variables). Mail me if you need help.

            Or you can install Debian and use the .deb file. :-)


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