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Xfstt means "X11 Font Server for TrueType fonts". TrueType fonts are generally regarded to be the best scalable fonts for low resolution devices like screens. Examples where good scalable fonts improve the visual quality considerably are Mozilla, GIMP, and Java. A file for use with Java is provided.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Nov 2010 17:13

    Release Notes: This release includes several segfault and crash fixes and lots of code and build system cleanups.

    •  30 Nov 2005 18:42

      Release Notes: This release adds IPv6 support, makes gettext external, fixes and updates documentation, fixes a build failure on Irix, and provides general code cleanup.

      •  02 Sep 2003 17:40

        Release Notes: ttSyncAll looking only at fontdir subdirectories has been fixed. More robust checking for cachedir has been added. A constant path size limitation has been removed (for the HURD). A typo in "syncing" has been fixed. There are minor indentation fixes. The transition to using C++ strings has been started. The libfstt API has been changed (multiple memory leakages have been fixed, and the member getString doesn't need the conversion buffer anymore). The output format of --gslist has been fixed.

        •  31 Jul 2003 12:54

          Release Notes: A possible security problem was fixed by checking the byteorder magic in the connection handshake.

          •  29 Jul 2003 07:24

            Release Notes: This version fixes multiple buffer overflows in the network packet handling code (CAN-2003-0581). A new encoding, ISO8859-14, is included. The hardcoded dir locations have been moved to configure space, and it now mkdirs the fontdir and cachedir in the make install target. The error messages when the cachedir does not exist have been improved. The --gslist dependency on order of arguments was removed. dprintfN was replaced with a debug function. Indentation and minor source cosmetic changes have been made. There were improvements to the documentation and examples.

            Recent comments

            30 Mar 2003 03:19 gregjbates

            Re: xfstt: Cannot write to font database!
            Yes, I had the same problem... it turns out that the xfstt install thingos don't create the directory /var/cache/xfstt sometimes....

            Enter superuser mode, create the necessary directory and xfstt should would fine.

            But the second problem (from cn) sounds much more complicated, sorry, don't have any idea's about that one

            19 Mar 2003 16:57 arouncoumar

            Compilation problem.. where can i get help
            i m using solaris. downloaded the tar. ran the configure script. then when running 'make && make install', i get this error

            AGNIFY=0 -g -O2 -c -o rafile.o `test -f '' || echo './'`<br>
   In method `void RandomAccessFile::closeRAFile ()':<br>
   cannot convert `U8 *' to `char *' for argument `1' to<br>
   `munmap (char *, unsigned int)'<br>
            *** Error code 1<br>
            make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `rafile.o'<br>
            Current working directory /tmp/xfstt-1.4/libfstt<br>
            *** Error code 1<br>
            make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `all-recursive'<br>
            Current working directory /tmp/xfstt-1.4<br>
            *** Error code 1<br>
            make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `all'<br>

            02 Mar 2003 19:37 cnliou

            Re: xfstt: Cannot write to font database!
            I have the same problem in Slackware 7 (kernel upgraded to 2.4.20), too.

            I don't know if the problem relates to my locale error. When I typed "locale", I get:

            "locale: relocation error: locale: symbol __collate_element_hash, version GLIBC_2.0 not defined in file with link time reference"

            16 Jan 2003 12:35 theplace

            xfstt: Cannot write to font database!
            More of a cry for help than a comment. On RH7.3, I've followed the INSTALL instructions up to
            # xfstt --sync
            but it says
            xfstt: Cannot write to font database!
            xfstt: sync failed
            So: what font database? What user is it running as, and where does it fail to write? I assume this is a permissions issue... but I could be wrong.

            09 Sep 2002 20:57 hahnerd

            Re: xfstt + Linux 2.4.X = Not good
            I have tried the below using Redhat 7.2.
            I tried both unix and inet with the local ip.
            it did not like port 7101. I tried at the command line entering xfstt --port 7000 and it did not complain.
            I entered /usr/X11R6/bin/xfstt & in the rc.local file.
            But it does not seem to work. Can you give me some more ideas please.

            > This information isn't correct. If you
            > put in the XF86Config the next line:
            > FontPath "unix/:7101". Your X server
            > will not be able to work correctly.
            > Because the the "UNIX" protocol does not
            > communicate with the X Server. This
            > problem is probably caused for a problem
            > or conflict with SOCKET of kernel 2.4.X
            > or later. If you want to use XFSTT
            > correctly, you need to put in the
            > XF86Config file the next line: FontPath
            > "inet/". In this line,
            >, is the IP of localhost, and
            > 7101, is the port used by XFSTT. If
            > you're running xfstt in a diferent port
            > or IP, then change for your preferences.
            > And if you're using WDM or XDM to run
            > your X Server, you must restart your
            > computer. In the other hand, if you're
            > using STARTX, then all affluent wrath.
            > XFSTT is the best TrueType font server,
            > and is easy to configure. Pardon by my
            > ingles, since I am Spanish and the
            > languages do not occur me very well. if
            > somebody have some question... e-mail


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