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11 Apr 2004 12:49 fallibledragon

This ISN'T what you want
Guys, this is no longer the standard X. In

fact, I'm not even sure this entry is correct -- I

don't think the license for this XFree86 is OSI

approved these days.

The X11 project, at is the new

one that distros like Mandrake, Gentoom

Debian, and OpenBSD will be including soon.

Get it instead, if your intention is to be

'ahead' rather than 'different' :)

14 Feb 2003 07:07 mufti22

Can someone add a "X11 for MacOS X" branch ?
It would be handy to have a "X11 for MacOS X" branch at freshmeat for "manage dependencies"
of X11 based MacOSX projects (cause X11 is not
part of the default MacOSX system).
"Apple announces XFree86-based X11 for MacOS X"

29 Mar 2000 22:31 shecodu

v4.0 Stable release??
I thought it was going to be a lot better, but it just doesnt like my Cirrus Logic GD5446, I havent been able to adjust the refresh rates to set up a 1024x768x16bpp screen, the web page says the card is supported but xf86config says it isnt, it was pretty easy to set up this card with 3.3.6, what happened here? stable? hmmmm...

15 Mar 2000 02:20 kreucher

i just updated to 4.0 (binary release from and i must say i am impressed. it's much faster for my card and i really like the silk cursor! have not tested the GL stuff yet, but i like the new ver so far...

(redhat 6.1 system, intel)

13 Mar 2000 14:33 k0jack what about RPMS?
This is all good and great, but what about the RPMS? Does anyone know of anyplace a person could get the RPMS? I looked all over the net and came up with nothing.

10 Mar 2000 00:17 marknodeto

If you're not ready to upgrade, but want full ATI Rage 128 Support...
If you don't want to download all of 4.0 for full ATI Rage 128 support, I have posted the binaries for 3.3.6 with the latest patches compiled for FreeBSD 3.4. It seems that has posted the these patches in source, but their binary package still contains the unpatched servers. Get the 3.3.6-p3 (3.3.6 plus fix-01-r128, fix-02-svr4, fix-03-mmap) full package ( or just the server binaries (

24 Feb 2000 17:28 funkytrousers

Anyone have any suggestions?
I know multihead with multiple matrox cards is supported (well, in fact), but what about with my G400/MAX? I've been trying to get it set up, and I can't get the second head up. Also, I can't find the docs for getting the glide driver running (I have a Voodoo2 also).

Any suggestions?

21 Jan 2000 21:57 zlatko

What about ix86-linux-libc5?
Is it just me, or did they really drop libc5 support?

07 Jan 2000 05:22 homme

Getting there, some stuff doesn't seem to work yet
Well, I got 3.9.17 compiled after hacking out the DOCSDIR
references, not what you'd expect after waiting this long.
Loads of openGL stuff isn't working and needs hacking.
I managed to get some of the xscreensaver openGL demo's compiled
but most of them need glu stuff that I can't find implemented yet.
Performance on a TNT2 isn't what I'd expect of it yet, but it's a new
card, so optimalisation may take some time.


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