Comments for X File Explorer

17 Feb 2007 01:48 holger_b71

Fast & light
Still the best file-manager für Unix/Linux!

21 Mar 2005 03:28 NReitzel

Just the Ticket
Recently took my 75-year-old mother-in-law out of the world of winviruses. Xfe provides the functionality she needs on her desktop, without the overhead of a highly integrated, highly touted "Desktop Environment".

14 Jul 2004 11:33 amiatrome

Perfect for me
Superb addition to the aterm, clex and midnight commander.

Best of all, no need for GNOME or KDE. Lovely.

18 Nov 2003 07:47 joaopena

Small and beatifull
From all the file managers I have tried, xfe is the one I use. Does what I need. Thanks Roland.

10 Nov 2003 00:37 bouthors

Just Perfect
This explorer is perfect : very fast and it doesn't need a lot of memory. Try it !

25 Jun 2003 04:04 klappnase

XFE rules o.k. !
Great work, comes pretty close to the file manager I've always dreamed of. Thanks for this one!


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