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Xfce is an easy-to-use and easy-to-configure environment for X11 based on GTK2. A priority is adherence to standards, specifically those defined at

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Recent releases

  •  28 Feb 2009 00:20

    Release Notes: This release features a new configuration backend, a new settings manager, a brand new session manager and sound mixer, and several huge improvements in its core components.

    •  11 Apr 2007 10:20

      Release Notes: This is the first maintenance release of Xfce 4.4. It fixes important bugs and updates translations.

      •  22 Jan 2007 21:26

        Release Notes: This release features new tools such as the much awaited Thunar file manager, as well as several huge improvements of its core components.

        •  15 Jan 2007 23:28

          Release Notes: This is supposed to be the last release for the 4.2 series before the launch of the new Xfce 4.4 branch. It includes several fixes ported from the current development branch.

          •  05 Nov 2006 22:51

            Release Notes: This release focuses primarily on bugfixes and optimizations.

            Recent comments

            08 Dec 2003 18:13 dangeresque

            The only thing preventing me from rating XFCE a 10 is the file manager. It has some quirks. Still, this is an extremely impressive project.

            Excepting the file manager everything about this project is perfect!

            If the fm "go to" would act more like bash that would be a start. It only seems to remember directories it has been to. Also, sometimes when you look at a directory with images it makes a huge space between the thumbnail and the name requiring you to scroll left and right to see everything. Moving or copying multiple files doesn't seem possible.

            Also, more keyboard shortcuts would be nice and a way to configure them (gimp style would be amazing). In fact if it were done as a library it would be possible for many programs to have such a handy feature.

            The fm isn't that big of an issue for me as I just use the terminal. But if it were improved in such ways I might be inticed into using it.

            26 Nov 2003 05:51 nam1000

            xfce4, a complete redesign
            If you have tested Xfce before and didn't like it, it's time to give it another try.

            Version 4 is a complete redesign. It's as fast and stable (none of its components has ever crashed on me or posed even a minor problem) as the previous versions but this time, it looks gorgeous (gtk2 + better artwork). It stays out of the way and in the same time is very easily configurable. Everything, from icons to menus to workspace names, can be quickly modified by a couple of mouse clicks. You'll also discover great features along the way, such as a clever use of the scroll wheel to shade/unshade, change workspace, modify the volume.

            Xfce4 is a lesson in smart design and a dream come true: a stable, well supported, featureful, nice-looking, radically unbloated desktop environment. Long live the Xfce team!

            19 Jul 2002 01:02 tgz

            Re: Beautiful !!!
            > Very very easy ...

            > Very very light ...

            > It's my favourite window manager.

            You can say that again:


            155 tgz 9 0 904 904 756 S 0.0 0.2 0:00 startxfce

            156 tgz 9 0 1492 1492 1164 S 0.0 0.3 0:02 xfwm

            164 tgz 9 0 4092 4092 2896 S 0.0 1.0 0:00 xfce

            That's 6 megs of RAM, folks. And it's got window-snapping and runs using GTK. Think about that for about 4 seconds, and download this now.

            29 Apr 2002 04:10 simonsunnyboy

            The best desktop environment I've seen so far!
            Nothing more to say!
            Only the RISC OS desktop on Acorn machines
            can beat this.
            Definitely this desktop has everything you.
            It is lightning fast, small, easy to use and easy to configure. And: it even does really look good!
            The file manager could be better though.

            22 Jan 2002 08:03 slipwalker

            Re: the very best Desktop i've found

            > % the old filemanager was replaced by
            > ROX
            > % Filer ) !
            > That's why I'm writing... just
            > downloaded 3.8.12 and it seems the old
            > filemanager is still there.
            > Perhaps you got some "developer"
            > version from CVS or something like
            > that?

            that's possible, i run the CVS and/or/plus the modifications
            suggested from the mailing list... ( the ROX filer subject emerged there, Olivier was talking to the ROX guy about this replacement, but i guess the talks didn't progress =o/ ).


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